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जीन्दगी के हो?
कहिले कमजोर, कहिले कठोर,
कहिले Rowdy Rathore।

कहिले नुन, कहिले सुन;
अनि कहिले टुनक टुनक टुन।

जीन्दगी के हो?
कहिले लसक्क, कहिले मसक्क,
कहिले टकरक्क।

कहिले सिमसिम, कहिले टिमटिम;
अनि कहिले अमुल फ्रेश क्रिम!

जीन्दगी के हो?
कहिले लम्फु, कहिले डम्फु,
कहिले चिनिया कुम्फु।

कहिले कुकुर, कहिले ढुकुर;
अनि कहिले भ्यागुताको टुरटुर।

जीन्दगी के हो?
कहिले लजालु, कहिले मायालु,
कहिले सेतो त कहिले रातो आलु!!

कहिले छायाँ, कहिले माया;
अनि कहिले न कोही दायाँ न कोही बायाँ!!

जिन्दगी के हो?
कहिले कृष्ण, कहिले राम;
कहिले लास्टै हराम।

कहिले चुस्त, कहिले दुरुस्त;
अनि कहिले धेरै नै रुष्ट।

जिन्दगी के हो?
कहिले less, कहिले more;
कहिले त्यसै bore।

कहिले बचुवा, कहिले हचुवा;
तर, प्राय: एक साधारण कछुवा।।


के नै पो ख्याँसियो?

जीनदगीको धेरै बसन्त जिइयो
खोइ त के ख्याँसियो?
बाल्यकालमा कामथियो, पढिन्थ्यो;
कहिले बाको कहिले मिसको गाली पनि खाइयो,
तर खोइ त के नै ख्याँसियो?
जवानीमा प्रेम पनि गरियो
कलेज जान्छु भनेर
गोदावरी पनि धाइयो,
तर, खोइ त के नै ख्याँसियो?
पैसो चाहियो, जागिर खाइयो
कहिले वाह वाह पाइयो
कहिेले हप्काइ खाइयो
तर जीन्दगीमा के नै ख्याँसियो?
कसै संग सम्बन्ध सुमधुर बनाइयो
कसैसंग चिस्याइयो,
तर खोइ त के ख्याँसियो?
जीनदगीको धेरै बसन्त जिइयो
खोइ त के नै पो ख्याँसियो?

It has been a while.

It has been a while,

since my walk to the last mile.
There was so much to do,
But only few ounces of beer could brew.
And all that remaining rye
was left to dry.
There is so much to do
I wish all the beer could brew
And not even a single ounce of rye
would be left to dry.
Though it has been a while,
I have yet to walk my last mile.

The Lonely Rain

If there were
no cell to call!
no contact to mail!
no party to attend!
no culrav to organize!

wud we have
still been the same?
wud we still miss
eachother in the lonely rain?

if there were
no eyes to see!
no hands to touch!
no ears to hear!
no heart to beat!

wud we have
still been the same?
wud we still miss
eachother in the lonely rain?

Wish you were here!

Sitting here, all by myself,
I wish you were here.
Then hits a sensation;
you are here,
sitting next to me,
staring at me,
and telling me to put the cigarrette butt aside.
I do the same
and look at you;
Your glowing face,
amazing as it looks in the dim moon-light,
as if you are my guiding light

Then u are gone
in your own space
where i hope
i join u,
and tell u not to sneeze

As weird as it is
I hope u miss me more than I
I hope someday we shall meet
and then there would be no room
for loneliness in both of the lives.
Sitting here, all by myself
I wish u were here.