Rocketerian for Life.

“Just because you are on top of the food chain, does not give you the right to eat everybody else below you.” – shouted the Chairman of Life and Well being Planet International, Mr. Eit No Ting. Mr. Eit No Ting a devout Rocketerian, continued his aggression towards his fellow Human counterparts saying that it is unacceptable for them to treat any life form as delicacies.

He acknowledges the fact that everything is infact tasty, however in any constitution ever written in our Modern Era, it is the fundamental right of everybody to live and die in a natural way. It was one fine day, when he had a delicious meal of broccoli and Mutton that he dreamed of meeting both of their souls in Hell. Both Broccoli and Mutton had expressed their sour discontent and hatred towards Mr. Ting. It was this unworldly experience, that encouraged him to go Rocketerian for life.

Going Rocketerian has its perks. And each bite is truly hard chewed and hard earned. It gives one not only an access to tremendous array of mineral and nutrients in each meal, it also gives an amazing satisfaction to its followers. It also creates as Mr. Ting suggests an entire new industry for Dentists to thrive on the need of better and stronger Teeth. As he shows us his data, he is clearly excited that how many people have now gone Rocketerian and how many dentists have now successfully replaced the old human teeth sets with the diamond ones for their new and often super rich clients, who have saved so much because what they eat costs next to nothing.

Rocks have no life. They just lie around in the face of the earth. It is just perfect that we eat them. But how do we eat them? Here are some recipes that you might want to try out:

1. Boiled Rock!

2. Beaten Rock!

3. Hard Rock!

4. Hard Rock Masala!

5. Rock and Roll!

6. Rock the World!

7. Rock in the Water!

8. Rock Smoky, also called Smoken Rock!

You can also try variations along these lines!

Go Rocketerian, it will by far be the most rewarding decision you ever take!!!!


One thought on “Rocketerian for Life.

  1. Don’t like the fact you’re being sarcastic but that’s just so you. Fun read it is, am sharing it 😀

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