Wish you were here!

Sitting here, all by myself,
I wish you were here.
Then hits a sensation;
you are here,
sitting next to me,
staring at me,
and telling me to put the cigarrette butt aside.
I do the same
and look at you;
Your glowing face,
amazing as it looks in the dim moon-light,
as if you are my guiding light

Then u are gone
in your own space
where i hope
i join u,
and tell u not to sneeze

As weird as it is
I hope u miss me more than I
I hope someday we shall meet
and then there would be no room
for loneliness in both of the lives.
Sitting here, all by myself
I wish u were here.


One thought on “Wish you were here!

  1. runit says:

    When did that happen..the birth of that poet in you I mean.I’ll need an alcoholic party to understand that dude.

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