KOOPA: Our Multi-million Tree!


At the time when we are giving final finishing touches to our biggest endeavor till date, me and khelu, the co-founders of Turtle Inc. have high hopes and biggest dreams that one can have as a creator.

The name is called KOOPA. Inspired by Nintendo’s animated turtle creatures, Turtle Inc. joined hands with the creative legend AD to shape out and fuel KOOPA, the next big thing. In making a kick ass LAN site (neyull dont laugh), we have tried hard to keep everyone’s interest in mind.

Since the site’s success is all about getting it become popular, we have thought about different campaigns that would atleast make everyone aware of the site.

Someday, when the site goes big, we will all earn big bucks and recruit people and budding talents will be queing up to join the best IT firm in the world. That is how high the hopes are with our baby project.

Best of luck KOOPA


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