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Subsidise ciarettes or?

Yes, I am a smoker. And, I have rights to speak out my mind just like all you anti-smoking campaigners and policy makers have a right to to get pissed and protest about it. But, I here will provide you with a valid and a sincere opinion on why cigarettes should be subsidised.

Cigarette is an addiction. I agree and once that 0.5 mg of nicotine in each cigarette starts flowing through your blood you cant get enough of it. It is like oxygen to the blood or at least for the state your mind goes into after your first puff. Right now, as I can see governments from all the nations are trying to exploit the above fact very well. Generating revenues is a massive task and it is an uphill climb if all your tax payers are trying to hide their earnings from you as much as they can. But, in smokers they find a handicapped bunch of people who would pay just about anything to get that next puff of the irresistible smoke. So, they decided to exploit us. How? You may ask. It’s simple. Increase the price of the cigarettes every two weeks.

Now, if this was petrol or kerosene, bare in mind how much they contribute to the green-house gases and the global warming, all the party activists, no matter what party they belong to would go up in arms and let the government know exactly what they really think of them and their policies. We on the other hand have no committee or an organisation to support us. So, there is no way at least on this earth that we could really do anything about the price hikes. And, smokers are really not concerned about the price tag any way. And even if they are, they would keep their lips zipped with the fear of making themselves an anti-social element or a social outcast. So, the government has nothing to fear about when they increase the price two-folds in just over a month.

Now, after the illustration on how the government is exploiting us, moving to the jinx of the topic. All the scientific communities of the world agree that smokers are in more risk of getting all kinds of cancer and respiratory tract problems. So, just going by that logic, it is essential for them that they save a vital amount of their money for their health-care which would soon be needed for them in a not so distant future. But, the price of the cigarettes is increasing, so they are not saving much. Would it not be a wiser decision to subsidise cigarettes so that they could attend to their health care with more capital when they do get sick?

And, if this theory makes all you people sick, I will tell you burning gas that u get in subsidised rate makes me sick too and makes the whole earth go warmer. I think that is a bigger issue than just a portion of the world’s population getting some kind of sickness. See what you guys are doing is encouraging the earth to go hotter everyday. There is not much of a difference between us expect for a fact that you guys destroy a much bigger entity than we do and yet u get the governments’ backing.

Now, if you think this is crazy, at least we should have subsidies for our future health care. Because, we cant just go on paying more taxes than any other and not get special treatment when we need the most. So, if you guys are taking more money from our pockets(which I still believe is unethical), may be perhaps you guys should collect all that money and invest it into a cancer research program or in making a special health care for all those smokers. Because, you are filling in your pockets with our money and if we don’t get any subsidies or better treatment that’s just a massive fraud the world has ever witnessed.