Every night a different dream; every day a different struggle

Philosophical indeed!

It’s refreshing to get along with such a thought when you are planning to write your next blog after a long long time.

Life has been caught by same old daily routines in the college and loneliness almost alien to me in few years. I have kept me to myself in these days. And, probably thats why it never occurred in my lobes that I had to update my blogs.

Now, since I am writing this lets get on with it. i would love to elaborate on the title but I have nothing to elaborate on. The first few months I just had one dream; and I was lost when I was awake not knowing how to get it. Then I lost my dream. I have dream about lots of things since then; about me, about my closed ones and I still don’t get what I have to do to make everything happening again.

The misery on all this is when I am awake, i don’t ponder upon them and when I am getting into the groove; a smoke and its all gone. I sleep; I wake up. I see people who struggle their asses off to achieve their dreams. I don’t know what chemicals run in them to give them that thirst which I obviously dont have. A chemical imbalance probably. Too much intake of the OH and its subsidiaries may be.

When i went home for the short trip, I had a reflection of myself. What I had become. I cried due to induction from my mom. I came back with all those dreams, I had as a child, again. Then… Nothing. It want away. every day before I sleep. I plan and pan myself to face the struggle that lies the next day. But, when I do get up the next day, I somehow become imperfect to fit in the scenes of an entirely new day and a new chapter in my life. To many, a new day is a chance to make a struggle count. For me its another time to make the struggle even more harder.

I need to stop that and struggle more. Till then dream on amie. Hopefully there will be a dream that will lift you up and up and high.


One thought on “Every night a different dream; every day a different struggle

  1. Niva says:

    Buddha:”There’s no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”My version:”There’s no way to get to a dream.Dreaming is the way”Therefore, keep your head up, hope and keep at it. It’s within you, you just have to realize it.Anyway, my two cents on your blog. Keep writing. I enjoy it.

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