Monthly Archives: April 2007

Happy Birthday!

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!
-Fort Minor

I had a dream. I was famous and successful. That was on my birthday 5 years back. Fast forward to 5 years and life could not be more messed up than it is. It is my first birthday when I am in a pensive mood. And everybody who knows me will know why.

Being, Twenty Three is not that bad but its just that I feel like crying. God knows why. God has not been kind to me these days. It stole from me my soul. Wonder how old will I be before it takes my physical existence out of this world as well.

But before that I have to be a somebody. I am a somebody now; a son, a brother, a friend. Still I am a nobody in this ever ballooning up world of good and bad. There must be a way for me; a plan that was laid down for me; a contract between me and the God; otherwise I wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Spending 23 years in the earth, i am thinking of my parallel lives. How it would have been if I had taken some different decisions for me? But that is past, as pravin dai said. And supposedly life has greater things in store for everybody and that aplies to me unless I am an outcast.

With this note of optimism, I wish myself a Happy Birthday. And wish that my dream will come true and hopefully I am not in a pensive mood in any of my birthdays from now on. Take care amie. Your family and friends are always with you.

Wishing happy b’day to all the life forms who share their birthday with me today.


Every night a different dream; every day a different struggle

Philosophical indeed!

It’s refreshing to get along with such a thought when you are planning to write your next blog after a long long time.

Life has been caught by same old daily routines in the college and loneliness almost alien to me in few years. I have kept me to myself in these days. And, probably thats why it never occurred in my lobes that I had to update my blogs.

Now, since I am writing this lets get on with it. i would love to elaborate on the title but I have nothing to elaborate on. The first few months I just had one dream; and I was lost when I was awake not knowing how to get it. Then I lost my dream. I have dream about lots of things since then; about me, about my closed ones and I still don’t get what I have to do to make everything happening again.

The misery on all this is when I am awake, i don’t ponder upon them and when I am getting into the groove; a smoke and its all gone. I sleep; I wake up. I see people who struggle their asses off to achieve their dreams. I don’t know what chemicals run in them to give them that thirst which I obviously dont have. A chemical imbalance probably. Too much intake of the OH and its subsidiaries may be.

When i went home for the short trip, I had a reflection of myself. What I had become. I cried due to induction from my mom. I came back with all those dreams, I had as a child, again. Then… Nothing. It want away. every day before I sleep. I plan and pan myself to face the struggle that lies the next day. But, when I do get up the next day, I somehow become imperfect to fit in the scenes of an entirely new day and a new chapter in my life. To many, a new day is a chance to make a struggle count. For me its another time to make the struggle even more harder.

I need to stop that and struggle more. Till then dream on amie. Hopefully there will be a dream that will lift you up and up and high.