Just a Thought..

You know, I think I should start maintaining a diary again. It could do just a right thing for me. Rewinding a day. When you are maintaining a diary, what you do is; rewind the whole day searching for something that you could/should record. And when you don’t find something good to write about one day, you make sure you do something worthwhile the very next day; so that you could fill up your diaries’ pages the very next day. And, that could just help me because then I would be always alarmed if I was not doing anything constructive for a long time.
I know why I stopped maintaining a diary before. I think it was in MNNIT itself that I got really furious about someone reading my diary and that too very very personal parts. But now all of a sudden it doesnt matter to me. I dont care what other people should think reading about me. It is who I am and if they do find out what I really I am it is their luck; either good or bad.
Its just a thought. one of many thoughts that comes across my mind on improving my studies. take care amie.

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