Monthly Archives: December 2006

Silly Comparision.

I often compare reading one’s own article with seeing oneself in the mirror. Because one never gets tired of reading one’s own articles just like one never gets tired of looking oneself into a mirror. And no matter how bad/good one looks or has written it always is good and feels right to the first person. And that’s a startling resemblance, dont you think?

Just a Thought..

You know, I think I should start maintaining a diary again. It could do just a right thing for me. Rewinding a day. When you are maintaining a diary, what you do is; rewind the whole day searching for something that you could/should record. And when you don’t find something good to write about one day, you make sure you do something worthwhile the very next day; so that you could fill up your diaries’ pages the very next day. And, that could just help me because then I would be always alarmed if I was not doing anything constructive for a long time.
I know why I stopped maintaining a diary before. I think it was in MNNIT itself that I got really furious about someone reading my diary and that too very very personal parts. But now all of a sudden it doesnt matter to me. I dont care what other people should think reading about me. It is who I am and if they do find out what I really I am it is their luck; either good or bad.
Its just a thought. one of many thoughts that comes across my mind on improving my studies. take care amie.

Feeling Good.

I felt good today after so many days. In fact I have been feeling good since yesterday. And it was all due to an unexpected bump into Runa & Co. It was so much fun today and yesterday. The chatters didn’t seem to end at all. Though we missed chaure, minal and others from the PRASMA and DARKSS, I was all of a sudden among friends again.

What I have realized is that when you are in a relationship you tend to let friendship slip away a little. And now that I am single again, all of a sudden I fear my lack of friends. From a person whom friends would surround and really good ones at that, I have become a person with no one to hang out with when I come home. And probably, that’s why I felt so strongly towards being together today. It was both like and unlike old days. What had changed probably was the fact that I was sitting with people with probably a brighter future than me. But, Life’s a roller-coaster. You just cant judge it ever.

I dont know what I am typing today. Its just that I wanted to type somehing about the evening that I enjoyed a lot after such a long time. And probably I need to practice some writing anyways. Because its probably just me and Runit who are suppose to keep the LMC’s blogs. And we have big plans for LMC as such and probably a great story to tell to all the LMC family, friends and well-wishers. lol!