Monthly Archives: October 2006

The Catch Up!

As I often do, there is so much to catch up with in this blog. But, its good this way. Now, atleast I will end up writing a long and a logical blog that is not just supposed to be read by myself. I think any other person reading my blog is just another guy that I know, and happened to check it out just because I made him too. Any ways, I should not be deterred by this low attendance of readers, I should be wrting this thing for the greater mass that I think will read this. Hopefully.

Anyways, from the time I wrote my last blog(excluding Twenty Four), a lot has gone by. First was my visit to Lucknow, a trip fully sponsored by the the college’s alumni, lucknow chapter. Had fun that day, went to a fucked up water park, then got lucky with drinks in the party that night. We were all high when we boarded the bus in return.

Second, was just two day later when I joined the college’s football team to go to this Inter NIT football meet. We were runner ups there. Had quite a good time. But, we returned broke. And the college has still not retunred our 800 odd bucks that we spend going and coming there.

Then, Khelu joined us to a trip to my place. Seven days were a fun-filled hoidays, and a trip to pokhara was just the icing on the cake that made our holidays memorable with lots of things to cheer about.

Now, one week after the return, and another CT, life is shitty again. And the world is shitty again. A week before North Korea carried out its Nuke- exercise. And back home, Girija and Prachanda backed out of the meeting due to massive differences in specific issues. I think the issue was the monarchy.