Monthly Archives: September 2006

Twenty Four

Twenty Four is the number of persons that were on board the Shri Airlines chopper 9N-AHJ (MI-172). They had completed their task of handing over the Kanchanjunga Conservation Area to the local community. Five minutes after it took off from Dhunsa ( a place I had never heard the name of until this morning), it had lost contact with the towers guiding it. It’s whereabout as I write this blog is still not known.

Its really wierd, why I decided to write a blog on a tragic incident such as this. But, chatting with runit a little while ago, made me realize how sad I was with the whole thing. It was the first day(Ghatasthapana) of the greatest festival of Nepali and yet for the family of those 24 people (nepali and foreigners included) it brought with it the most horrific and shocking news of their lives. Yes, we are a bunch of jolly people, but events like this always reminds us (at least to me it does) of the more recent past that saw bloodshed and things that nobody wants or wanted.

I have a fear that this may be a sign of things to come. I am not a firm believer of omens, but offlate, few of the signs have come true. And, I am worried that my worry may turn into a reality and my country would plunge into yet another political spin hat would take years to solve.

There was another news that said, a breakaway faction of Maoists (Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha JTMM) killed a MP. Even if everything goes according to the grand-plan of the “Grand Constituent Assembly” and the restoration of a system decided by it, there will always be some faction (small or big) that will be killing people senselessly, like it has been done for the last decade. I know all this sounds really pessimistic, but the Maoists (u like them or not) have taught a new lesson to the Nepalese. If you want to be heard you have to take up the arms.

The only hope for me right now is to stop thinking about all these negative thoughts and think about a peaceful and calm Nepal that I once as kid saw and grew up in. Jaya Nepal. I will always be proud of you my motherland. love.

Shri Pashupatinathle Hami Sabai ko Rakshya Garun!