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The Optimistic Blog

Dated: 21-08-06

Seven days from now is the Class Test 1. It may be a no big deal for absolutely everybody. But, it is a big big one for me. It is my chance (and probably the only one) to prove to myself that I still have the ability to crack anything that I want.

Leading upto it, I have been trying to keep myself upbeat and optimistic. So, I have been doing stuffs that would make me feel good. The secret to feel good as somebody simple said is to eat good, dress good, sleep good, and read good. So, I have been avoiding all the pessimistic news that would otherwise surround me.

Like, if the mess food is no good, I would go out to eat not bothering about my pocket. I would even not read about the Lebanese conflict. Actually, I read the article about the truce but I did not click on the article that read,” UN not happy with violators of the truce:Israel”. For one week atleast, I am not getting depressed.

I am looking at my peers and other pople and focusing on factors that I am better in than them. Even though, there are very few, they are enough to make me upbeat. So, it is exactly what the doctor has prescribed.

The only thing that is not working well though are my studies. i am working at it and I assure all you guys that it will be in place very soon. Take care.

P.S. Be an optimist. It makes you smile.