You are not welcome!

Today is the first day of an endeavour I never wanted or even dreamt in my wildest nightmares that I would ever take. Still, I have got things to sort out. But, as of now, for a brief time, I am relaxed. I have not been that for a long time now.

Sometimes, I still wonder where has the person inside me gone? But, as I have realized, I have been wondering too much on that fact rather than trying to mould and give shape to the new person that is left in me now. It is a hard task. I know parenting is always the hardest job to do on this planet. And I want this kid of mine to be as proud as I am of my parents.

Keeping aside so many parallel thoughts I get these days, and that was one of it, lets concentrate on why I installed the MS Office 2003 at 5:30 AM just to write a blog. Actually, it is funny. Its just one of those days when you need to keep a mark so that you can flip on your history pages to look back into it later. Just my history of course. And if you are highly optimistic, this day might even be important for historians of later centuries. Lol!

Today, I am adding up one more year to complete my Bachelors Degree. And, I have never been so sorry for myself my whole life. Yes, I do write this kind of statement in my every blog and probably people reading it might even think I am a pessimistic pig. But, I have read somewhere that a good writer can always mask his personal life and attitude with his writings. I am not a good writer though.

I could not sleep last night. You can blame it on the hungry mosquitoes, or the powercut. So, when my eyes open at 4:00 AM, it was hard to go back to sleep again. So, I decided I would go meet the GOD for a change. It was a perfect beginning to an imperfect endeavour. Anyways, I got up, freshened up and headed towards Narayani Ashram.

On my way to the main temple, I was thinking of all kind of things I could or should tell the GOD. I knew he would seek answers from me. And, answers I didn’t have. When I reached there the doors were closed. It was almost as if he was saying “You are not welcome son. Go, achieve something in your life and come back when you think you deserve a date with me.”


2 thoughts on “You are not welcome!

  1. Niva says:

    You’re a bit too hard on yourself. By the way, that’s not God talking, that’s you talking to yourself. Let up!

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