The Republic?

From my past blogs; (This actually is an article before I started blogging)

December 16 2005

“People’s Republic of Nepal”. I read this in one of the blog sites and i snapped back to read its contents. It was very unusual. The official name of Nepal would always be preceded by the glorious “The Kingdom of” and though it still is called the same, many inside and outside the country believe at some point of time in future the official name of the country may be the one mentioned in the blog site.

Every Nepali soul in the universe will surely react to the above paragraph. The Nepalese kingdom with its glorious and proud history ( atleast in the nepalese history books untill the secondary education) preaches of our glorious past and an undoubtedly strong bond between the king and his people. Ask any Nepali “Would like to give up your kingdom for a republic?” The first answer will be an angry “No.” Then after the question sinks in and he analyses what it means in the present scenario he might not be able to give you an answer. We are the citizen of the only hindu kingdom. There is a pride associated with the word kingdom for Nepalese. But the question is in today’s world of liberalism and free society can pride be the only agenda that the public would think upon when they decide on what kind of administration they want?


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