Nonsense Irritations and a Frustrated mind

“This is probably the time of my life when I have been stressed the most.” And I know stress can make you cranky and loose your temper even when nothing has changed around you; not even in the magnitudes of millimeters.

I know I need to control myself. Collect all my anger and put it together to help my cause. To achieve what it now seems impossible. All that is easier said than done. Because, above all the theories in life that I know, putting them to the practical effect has been very very poor from my side.

And then I lashed upon the guys without any reason. They probably make out that I am stressed. Yes, I am! but it’s none of their business. What wrong have they done to make me depressed. I am sorry and apologise both to the guys and the God(if there is any)!
I get irritated with absolutely anything. From the inability of me to go talk to the teacher to not finding correct words to express me in this blog. The mind is frustrated. It, it seems, can take no more. But, I am overloading it and, like the overloaded processor, it makes my processing slow and makes me do stuff that I dont understand when I am acting on it only to realise I made a blunder when I have done it.

I have to pass through a difficult couple of minutes when I join them after I write this article now. I hope I dont commit a blunder again. But, with ways of making me irritated and frustrated being aplenty at this time, I would not be surprised If I broke down again.

Take care amu! Wish you all the best. Serioulsy, Take a good care of yourself. There is no excuse if you do something that upsets others just because you are upset. Be calm and relaxed. Nobody is conspiring against you. Love.


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