LMC Constitution

Lets Make a Change, MNNIT. Allahabad Constitution

Section I – Name

Article I

  1. The name of this organization shall be Lets Make a Change (hereafter called “LMC”).

Article II

  1. It shall be a non-profit organization

Section II – Purpose

Article I

  1. To build and strengthen the Nepalese community and it’s friends living in the MNNIT Allahabad through active and collective participation.
  2. To promote Nepalese culture and tradition.
  3. To seek and explore opportunities for broader ties and partnerships with other communities.

Section III – Activities

Article I

  1. Nepali New Year
  2. Tihar Celebrations (Deusi Bhaili)
  3. Birthday Celebrations
  4. Parties as decided by the Executive Comittee

Article II

  1. Any other social activities
  2. All the activities are subject to change based on the circumstances and discretion of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Section IV – Government

Article I – Members and Memberships

  1. This organization shall be open to all individuals willing to support the purpose of LMC and work within the framework of this constitution. LMC shall not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, marital status and military status.
  2. An annual membership fee shall be levied to all the members of LMC.
  3. Membership shall start and renew on the day of commencement of the classes of odd semester and terminate a day before the day of commencement of the classes of odd semester the following year.
  4. Membership fee is subject to change annually.

Article II – Board of Directors (BOD)

  1. There shall be upto 8 Board of Directors. Executive members also make up the 19 members Board of Directors.
  2. The Board of Directors shall advise the Executive Committee and assist the LMC in various activities.

Article III – Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall comprise of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Cultural Secretary and Public Relations Officer. The Executive Committee is the governing body that works in conjunction with the Board of Directors to run all activities of LMC.
  2. The following duties are required of the officers:
    1. The President shall be the chief executive of the council and lead all activities and programs of LMC. The President shall approve all decisions of LMC in recommendation of the Executive Committee.
    2. The Vice President shall assist the President and assume his/her duties when the President is unable to serve or during his/her leave of absence.
    3. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all finances of LMC. The Treasurer shall maintain bank accounts and keep records of all income and expenses. The Treasurer shall prepare and present an annual financial statement. The Treasurer shall handle finances related to all the activites the organization is involved in.
    4. The Secretary is the formal spokesperson of LMC. The Secretary shall call all formal meetings, take attendance, keep meeting minutes and communicate the proceedings to all LMC members.
    5. Cultural Secretary shall be responsible for organizing cultural programs for LMC. Cultural Secretary shall co-ordinate with other parties willing to work in partnership with LMC to promote Nepalese culture and tradition. His/Her main objective for a annual calendar is to co-ordinate and organize the Nepalese participation at the annual cultural festival.
    6. Public Relation Officer shall work to strengthen the relations between LMC and the community.
  3. The Executive Committee in recommendation of the Board of Directors shall be able to form committees and assign responsibilities.
  4. The Executive Committee in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the General Assembly shall be able to award “honorary” membership to noted individuals who contribute to the upliftment of the Nepalese communities or Nepal.

Article IV – Election Committee

  1. The BOD and Executive Committee shall appoint an election committee to supervise the elections of officers one month prior to the election.
  2. The election committee shall comprise of three individuals from the members of the LMC. These individuals shall not seek any nominations.
  3. The election committee shall seek nominations from within the members of LMC.
  4. The election committee shall formulate the election rules and design ballots two weeks prior to the election and present it to the Executive Committee.
  5. The election committee shall be dissolved at the inception of the new Executive Committee.

Article V – General Assembly

  1. The General Assembly shall consist of the entire membership of the LMC.
  2. The General Assembly shall assemble at least twice every year on the day of the Fresher sans the Farewell party. It may assemble on other occasions if requested by the Executive Committee.
  3. The Executive Committee must request sitting of the General Assembly if at least twenty five percent of the membership or 50 members, whichever is smaller, petition for discussion of specific issues.

Section V – Election and Appointments

Article I – Executive Committee

  1. The members of the LMC shall elect the officers of the Executive Committee every one year, through voting. Voting is allowed for all LMC members.
  2. The officers of the Executive Committee shall have atleast one-year prior membership with LMC.
  3. The officers of the Executive Committee cannot remain in one position for more than one term.
  4. Board of Directors must be LMC members

Article II – Board of Directors

  1. Members of the Board of Directors shall be appointed by the General Assembly.

Article III – Elections

  1. Elections of Executive Committee shall be held every one year, in the month of August or september during Nepalese Freshers’ party.
  2. The term of the office shall start on the day following the Freshers’ party and terminate on the day of the Freshers’party the following year.

Article IV – Election Supervision

  1. An election committee will hold the election.

Article V – Election Tie

  1. In case of a tie for any position the election committee shall decide based on the flip of a coin.

Section VI – Operational Details

Article I – Meetings

  1. The Secretary shall call meetings of the Executive and Board of Directors as needed. A written or verbal notice of each meeting stating the agenda, place, day and time shall be given atleast an hour in advance. At least one meeting of the Advisory and Executive Committee must be called every month. Special meetings can be called by the President at his/her discretion in case of special circumstances without prior notice.

Article II – Decisions

  1. All major issues related to the LMC will be decided at the meetings of the Executive and Board of Directors through consensus. In conflict, the decision will be taken by the vote of Executive Committee during the meetings.

Article III – President’s Discretion

  1. The President shall have the right to act upon the issues that need immediate attention. The decision must be communicated to both the councils within the next day and form a general consensus on that decision.

Article IV – Attendance

  1. Council members cannot miss any meetings of the council unless the President excuses their absence prior to the meetings. Any unexcused absence is subject to dismissal from the councils.

Section VII – Amendments

These by-laws may be adopted, amended and repealed by a majority vote of the members of LMC. Members of LMC include the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

Section VIII – Resignations, Vacancies and Removals

  1. Any member of the LMC Executives and Board of Directors may resign from their post with a two-week prior notice, in writing to the President. The vacant position will be filled by the BOD through the nomination of the executive committee within two days.
  2. If any executive member or BOD member is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities, the General Assembly can suspend or remove him/her from the position by a two-third-majority vote. Such suspension or removal shall only come after prior warning of his/her conduct.

Section IX – Dissolution

  1. In the event of dissolution of this organization, the organization shall organize a grand party for all the LMC members.


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    what about the general membersabout thier duties

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