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You are not welcome!

Today is the first day of an endeavour I never wanted or even dreamt in my wildest nightmares that I would ever take. Still, I have got things to sort out. But, as of now, for a brief time, I am relaxed. I have not been that for a long time now.

Sometimes, I still wonder where has the person inside me gone? But, as I have realized, I have been wondering too much on that fact rather than trying to mould and give shape to the new person that is left in me now. It is a hard task. I know parenting is always the hardest job to do on this planet. And I want this kid of mine to be as proud as I am of my parents.

Keeping aside so many parallel thoughts I get these days, and that was one of it, lets concentrate on why I installed the MS Office 2003 at 5:30 AM just to write a blog. Actually, it is funny. Its just one of those days when you need to keep a mark so that you can flip on your history pages to look back into it later. Just my history of course. And if you are highly optimistic, this day might even be important for historians of later centuries. Lol!

Today, I am adding up one more year to complete my Bachelors Degree. And, I have never been so sorry for myself my whole life. Yes, I do write this kind of statement in my every blog and probably people reading it might even think I am a pessimistic pig. But, I have read somewhere that a good writer can always mask his personal life and attitude with his writings. I am not a good writer though.

I could not sleep last night. You can blame it on the hungry mosquitoes, or the powercut. So, when my eyes open at 4:00 AM, it was hard to go back to sleep again. So, I decided I would go meet the GOD for a change. It was a perfect beginning to an imperfect endeavour. Anyways, I got up, freshened up and headed towards Narayani Ashram.

On my way to the main temple, I was thinking of all kind of things I could or should tell the GOD. I knew he would seek answers from me. And, answers I didn’t have. When I reached there the doors were closed. It was almost as if he was saying “You are not welcome son. Go, achieve something in your life and come back when you think you deserve a date with me.”


The Republic?

From my past blogs; (This actually is an article before I started blogging)

December 16 2005

“People’s Republic of Nepal”. I read this in one of the blog sites and i snapped back to read its contents. It was very unusual. The official name of Nepal would always be preceded by the glorious “The Kingdom of” and though it still is called the same, many inside and outside the country believe at some point of time in future the official name of the country may be the one mentioned in the blog site.

Every Nepali soul in the universe will surely react to the above paragraph. The Nepalese kingdom with its glorious and proud history ( atleast in the nepalese history books untill the secondary education) preaches of our glorious past and an undoubtedly strong bond between the king and his people. Ask any Nepali “Would like to give up your kingdom for a republic?” The first answer will be an angry “No.” Then after the question sinks in and he analyses what it means in the present scenario he might not be able to give you an answer. We are the citizen of the only hindu kingdom. There is a pride associated with the word kingdom for Nepalese. But the question is in today’s world of liberalism and free society can pride be the only agenda that the public would think upon when they decide on what kind of administration they want?

The Day

Dated: March 20, 2006

Now many of us do have days, that we believe couldnt get wierder. And this blog is the description of one of those days. I dont know the other two guys who were also involved in are gonna try and blog it out. But as all of us promised, I am gonna complete my end of the bargain.
When we started on a journey back home from our college (Allahabad), we never would have imagined what was in store for us. Just three days back, I had had the first attack of Asthma (which is now confirmed). So, we had taken every precaution needed for a sound and troubleless journey. We started off as usual, late again, and everybody scamperring to reach the station in time; grabbed ourselves food and boarded the train which was thankfully a half an hour late.

The journey began, and so did the ecstasy and joy in every ones face of the homecoming. The plan was three of us (Sumiran, me and pooja) were flying from the border town of bhairahawa to reach the capital of our country and our home. Others were to take either a micro or a bus to the same destination. The Chauri-Chaura Express, arrived at Gorakhpur at 8:00 am IST and we hurried and got ourselves a jeep and in two hours reached Bhairahawa.

At this point, I think I should frankly state that there had never been a greater urge in me to reach home this time around. Perhaps aggrtevated by the fact that I was sick, or perhaps may be a littile scared, for the first timein my life I had really missed my family and really wanted to be in the shelter of my own roof. On top of that the doctor, I had consulted at Allahabad had injected me 9 times in my butt without letting me know what was there in the syringe.

When we reached Bhairahawa, Raghu (Raghvendra) thought the journey was not getting any fun because the other guys had decided to board a public vehichle and not reserve one. So. he decided to fly with us instead. He was in for some fun later as it turned out. All the three of us managed to get tickets on a tight day. Pooja, who was also flying had her ticket already booked and grabbed her ticket from a office at Milan Chowk. Pooja was a little late for her flight, so we drove up to the airport as fast as we could. Buddha Air, the one which pooja was boarding had already called its passengers for check in. She checked in and in a short while, flew away to KTM. We, whereas waited in patience only to listen to the announcement that a technical fault had forced the flight to get cancelled after an hour’s delay. There was panic at the Airport. A business man with a connecting flight from ktm in the evening. A loud guy who was shouting at the administration demanding something, I think he was aslo not sure of. Two gals who kept on talking on the phone playin on my nerves telling their realtives the flight was cancelled. And sumiran, shouting along with the loud guy. Raghu as usual quite, And I not sure what to do.

So, to get a clear perspective, we went to the manager and asked him straight the possiblitiy of managing three seats in other flights. When the response was not very encouraging, we decided, probably due to the urge of that home coming I talked about earlier to get a car and rush to ktm. So we did, we rented a car in 5500. At 3:00 pm, we were still at Butwal, so at best we could arrive ktm at 9. Dad called in and urged to stay at bro’s place which was probably sensible. We declined and went on with the journey. Mote met up at Narayan-Gadh. Probably worried about his brothers’ symptoms of Asthma, he pulled few tricks to make me stay there, but i was unaltered with my decision. At 7:30 pm, we reached Malekhu and had our dinner. We were served hot and I thought how long had it been that i had eaten meal straight out of the kitchen. The food was good, the feeling was good and so had the journey till then. Who knew what was in store?

As we climbed up the hills surrounding the capital, we were stopped at various check points. I looked at the army whose job should have been somewhere in the border protecting, but the dilemma of the country had made them guard one eastablishment against the other inside the country and still unfortunate, they could not trust their own countrymen. So, they kept on asking what we did, where we were coming from. One of them said, “Yes we do need engineers. See, all the roads have been swept away by the rains.” He wished us best of luck. I thought of doing the same, then i thought even if i wished him luck, he would probably end up killing a fellow nepali and saving his own life.

Deep in the thought of the country’s scenario, I didnt see the long line of motor cars until we were very near. Something had gone wrong. Immediately, I remembered the shop owner describing an accident that killed a 20 odd people. God! how many ways people in this country have for loosing their lives. Then, somebody, whom I assume knew our driver, came upto us and told that an indian truck slipped and it lies horizontally in the road. Hence blocking both ways traffic. I thanked the God, and wished that the mess would be cleared soon. But, when we reached the site, we realized it would atleast take an hour to fix.

After some brave work of a nepali driver the truck was pulled over to one side of the road. And, as we were getting in to get going, our driver couldnt start the car. It sounded like the battery had failed to charge and there was no battery left to spark the gaseous mixture inside the piston. So, we were now left with a car with no head light and an engine that would only start if the car was pushed. We started moving slowly cleverly putting a bus or a truck infront of us and quitely following its trail. I, or as the matter of fact any one of us, dont think can describe what was going on inside us. Sumiran was visibly most scared. But, I can tell you each one of us were equally scared if not more than him.

At, 12:45 am, I and Raghu reached my place after dropping sumiran to his place. I hadnt been so relieved in my life when I met mom and pops. Then, I realized Life is precious. And I fell in love with my life. That was the day.

Nonsense Irritations and a Frustrated mind

“This is probably the time of my life when I have been stressed the most.” And I know stress can make you cranky and loose your temper even when nothing has changed around you; not even in the magnitudes of millimeters.

I know I need to control myself. Collect all my anger and put it together to help my cause. To achieve what it now seems impossible. All that is easier said than done. Because, above all the theories in life that I know, putting them to the practical effect has been very very poor from my side.

And then I lashed upon the guys without any reason. They probably make out that I am stressed. Yes, I am! but it’s none of their business. What wrong have they done to make me depressed. I am sorry and apologise both to the guys and the God(if there is any)!
I get irritated with absolutely anything. From the inability of me to go talk to the teacher to not finding correct words to express me in this blog. The mind is frustrated. It, it seems, can take no more. But, I am overloading it and, like the overloaded processor, it makes my processing slow and makes me do stuff that I dont understand when I am acting on it only to realise I made a blunder when I have done it.

I have to pass through a difficult couple of minutes when I join them after I write this article now. I hope I dont commit a blunder again. But, with ways of making me irritated and frustrated being aplenty at this time, I would not be surprised If I broke down again.

Take care amu! Wish you all the best. Serioulsy, Take a good care of yourself. There is no excuse if you do something that upsets others just because you are upset. Be calm and relaxed. Nobody is conspiring against you. Love.

LMC Constitution

Lets Make a Change, MNNIT. Allahabad Constitution

Section I – Name

Article I

  1. The name of this organization shall be Lets Make a Change (hereafter called “LMC”).

Article II

  1. It shall be a non-profit organization

Section II – Purpose

Article I

  1. To build and strengthen the Nepalese community and it’s friends living in the MNNIT Allahabad through active and collective participation.
  2. To promote Nepalese culture and tradition.
  3. To seek and explore opportunities for broader ties and partnerships with other communities.

Section III – Activities

Article I

  1. Nepali New Year
  2. Tihar Celebrations (Deusi Bhaili)
  3. Birthday Celebrations
  4. Parties as decided by the Executive Comittee

Article II

  1. Any other social activities
  2. All the activities are subject to change based on the circumstances and discretion of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Section IV – Government

Article I – Members and Memberships

  1. This organization shall be open to all individuals willing to support the purpose of LMC and work within the framework of this constitution. LMC shall not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, marital status and military status.
  2. An annual membership fee shall be levied to all the members of LMC.
  3. Membership shall start and renew on the day of commencement of the classes of odd semester and terminate a day before the day of commencement of the classes of odd semester the following year.
  4. Membership fee is subject to change annually.

Article II – Board of Directors (BOD)

  1. There shall be upto 8 Board of Directors. Executive members also make up the 19 members Board of Directors.
  2. The Board of Directors shall advise the Executive Committee and assist the LMC in various activities.

Article III – Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall comprise of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Cultural Secretary and Public Relations Officer. The Executive Committee is the governing body that works in conjunction with the Board of Directors to run all activities of LMC.
  2. The following duties are required of the officers:
    1. The President shall be the chief executive of the council and lead all activities and programs of LMC. The President shall approve all decisions of LMC in recommendation of the Executive Committee.
    2. The Vice President shall assist the President and assume his/her duties when the President is unable to serve or during his/her leave of absence.
    3. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all finances of LMC. The Treasurer shall maintain bank accounts and keep records of all income and expenses. The Treasurer shall prepare and present an annual financial statement. The Treasurer shall handle finances related to all the activites the organization is involved in.
    4. The Secretary is the formal spokesperson of LMC. The Secretary shall call all formal meetings, take attendance, keep meeting minutes and communicate the proceedings to all LMC members.
    5. Cultural Secretary shall be responsible for organizing cultural programs for LMC. Cultural Secretary shall co-ordinate with other parties willing to work in partnership with LMC to promote Nepalese culture and tradition. His/Her main objective for a annual calendar is to co-ordinate and organize the Nepalese participation at the annual cultural festival.
    6. Public Relation Officer shall work to strengthen the relations between LMC and the community.
  3. The Executive Committee in recommendation of the Board of Directors shall be able to form committees and assign responsibilities.
  4. The Executive Committee in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the General Assembly shall be able to award “honorary” membership to noted individuals who contribute to the upliftment of the Nepalese communities or Nepal.

Article IV – Election Committee

  1. The BOD and Executive Committee shall appoint an election committee to supervise the elections of officers one month prior to the election.
  2. The election committee shall comprise of three individuals from the members of the LMC. These individuals shall not seek any nominations.
  3. The election committee shall seek nominations from within the members of LMC.
  4. The election committee shall formulate the election rules and design ballots two weeks prior to the election and present it to the Executive Committee.
  5. The election committee shall be dissolved at the inception of the new Executive Committee.

Article V – General Assembly

  1. The General Assembly shall consist of the entire membership of the LMC.
  2. The General Assembly shall assemble at least twice every year on the day of the Fresher sans the Farewell party. It may assemble on other occasions if requested by the Executive Committee.
  3. The Executive Committee must request sitting of the General Assembly if at least twenty five percent of the membership or 50 members, whichever is smaller, petition for discussion of specific issues.

Section V – Election and Appointments

Article I – Executive Committee

  1. The members of the LMC shall elect the officers of the Executive Committee every one year, through voting. Voting is allowed for all LMC members.
  2. The officers of the Executive Committee shall have atleast one-year prior membership with LMC.
  3. The officers of the Executive Committee cannot remain in one position for more than one term.
  4. Board of Directors must be LMC members

Article II – Board of Directors

  1. Members of the Board of Directors shall be appointed by the General Assembly.

Article III – Elections

  1. Elections of Executive Committee shall be held every one year, in the month of August or september during Nepalese Freshers’ party.
  2. The term of the office shall start on the day following the Freshers’ party and terminate on the day of the Freshers’party the following year.

Article IV – Election Supervision

  1. An election committee will hold the election.

Article V – Election Tie

  1. In case of a tie for any position the election committee shall decide based on the flip of a coin.

Section VI – Operational Details

Article I – Meetings

  1. The Secretary shall call meetings of the Executive and Board of Directors as needed. A written or verbal notice of each meeting stating the agenda, place, day and time shall be given atleast an hour in advance. At least one meeting of the Advisory and Executive Committee must be called every month. Special meetings can be called by the President at his/her discretion in case of special circumstances without prior notice.

Article II – Decisions

  1. All major issues related to the LMC will be decided at the meetings of the Executive and Board of Directors through consensus. In conflict, the decision will be taken by the vote of Executive Committee during the meetings.

Article III – President’s Discretion

  1. The President shall have the right to act upon the issues that need immediate attention. The decision must be communicated to both the councils within the next day and form a general consensus on that decision.

Article IV – Attendance

  1. Council members cannot miss any meetings of the council unless the President excuses their absence prior to the meetings. Any unexcused absence is subject to dismissal from the councils.

Section VII – Amendments

These by-laws may be adopted, amended and repealed by a majority vote of the members of LMC. Members of LMC include the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

Section VIII – Resignations, Vacancies and Removals

  1. Any member of the LMC Executives and Board of Directors may resign from their post with a two-week prior notice, in writing to the President. The vacant position will be filled by the BOD through the nomination of the executive committee within two days.
  2. If any executive member or BOD member is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities, the General Assembly can suspend or remove him/her from the position by a two-third-majority vote. Such suspension or removal shall only come after prior warning of his/her conduct.

Section IX – Dissolution

  1. In the event of dissolution of this organization, the organization shall organize a grand party for all the LMC members.