A delicate Balance.

Talking to the reporters after his day long consultations with the SPA leaders, the Maoist Supremo said “Nepal does not need a 90,000 strong army force.” Although, the statement is worth applauding, I hope his party has figured out a way to achieve that.
It is hard to believe that majority of Maoist cadres joined the unit because they understood Maoism to the root and are completely committed to the party.People who had been forcefully recruited would probably be delighted with the supremo’s statement, but the people who joined the armed struggle on their own will might have one or two things to say and they could use guns and hide in the jungles again if they were not listened to. After all, the party lead and proved with example that an armed revolution can actually revolutionise a nation and make the eastablishment listen to you.
The party gave the unemployed youth a direction, an aim in life, and above all a job. They identified themselves with the revolution. They had a target that they fought hard to achieve. By the way the peace process is heading, it looks like their would be a compromise between all the power centres. But then, as far as I understand Maoism, it appreciates no compromise at all. And, if any of your cadre really followed Maoism, then he would be unhappy too.
So, we have a set of people who are unhappy because they understand Maoism too well and another set of people who might be unhappy because they might fear they would be stripped off of the job they had been carrying out for years now.
No matter how tircky the situation is, it is clear that the stability of the much awaited peace in the Himalayan Nation will depend on how the Maoist leaders handle this situation within their own party. We can only hope that their is enough discipline in the party that whatever decisions the top level leaders take will be passed and obeyed by the grass root level cadres.

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