Monthly Archives: February 2006

My First Blog

Hi! I am Amod Niroula, presently a bachelor student in Allahabad, India. My major in college is Electronics Engineering. And, believe me after nearly three years in college, I really dont know what designs will I come up with regarding my further studies, my job or life for that matter. Confusing eh? Time to leave the confusions behind and focus on my first blog. Here it goes.

For some time now, I have been thinking of blogging. And it was not until today (Feb 24) that I actually got my head straight and actually made myself to create a blogspot for myself. I have always admired other people’s blog ( well not always) and there had always been this inner voice that directed me to have my own blog space.

As I start off with all my new diaries, I would like to introduce myself to all of you who actually clicked on a link or typed it ( those who typed it, I might have just forced you guys to check my latest adventure, lol!) to arrive where you are now.

My high school certificate will give you my DOB as 24-4-1984 and that is what I want you guys all to believe in. The first son of my parents ( Mr. Bodh Raj Niroula and Mrs. Bijaya Niroula), I grew up in diferent cities across Nepal, my country. But, I spent most of my childhood (as far as I can remember) in Kathmandu along with my brother (Mr. Abesh Niroula, nick mote). Mote, my 2 year junior brother has always been more than a brother to me. He has always been a friend of mine who is very critical and supportive.

Four years before, I met the love of my life (Ms. Sujata Dulal). It has been rather romantic. Every moment spent with her has been there as my treasured ones. And those moments where we have had our differences are even more dear to me because through each of those time of crisis, we both have learnt a lot and grown up in being a sensible human being. lol!

What kind of person I am, I hope you will understand if you keep on taking time out of your busy schedule and read my blogs, which I intend to post atleast one in a week about various aspects of my life and the chaos the world is in.

Thank You again for the pain you went through reading my first blog. I hope I improve with each one. Bye take care, and come back soon.